4 common mistakes people do with their passwords

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All our lives now we work around passwords, it is the basic yet powerful kind of security precaution we have seen so far. We use a set of characters as our passwords like numbers, letters, and other keyboard characters. We use password and pins on our ATM cards, phones, computers and all over the Internet now.

But now with the increase of cyber crime and cyber bullying, some bad users always find their way to our passwords end their way up to our money and other other sensitive information. People could get to your password with the way you use it or by tricking you somehow. And because of that changing your password after sometime could be the best solution and security tactic you could think of and but also never make these mistakes when it come to your password:

1. You write down your password.

One of the most common mistakes that people do is to write down their passwords in notebooks. This is really wrong, at one point if someone wants to hurt you in anyway, all they would need to get hold of is your notebook. You can lose the notebook, it could get stolen, you could misplace it and a lot of other stuff could happen to it. It way best to use password the you only can only memorise in your mind.

But the best idea is always put you password in your head or else you have to be very cautious. Now that you have already fallen victim of losing your notebook or it was stolen, then now you need to change your password to avoid an more harm.

2. Use the same password on all things.

When you have multiple accounts for different things and site. Never make the mistake of using the same password on all those accounts. Why? Well, it is simply, it takes someone to find out one password and that is all they need to take over your social and online life.

When you use a different password for each account this will mean someone has to find out a password for each account and this will make it more difficult for someone do more damage if they hack one account.

3. Using the password for years.

After using the same password over a long period of time, it would make it possible for someone to guess your password. People use their girlfriend’s names, year or date of birth, child’s name, mother’s name and a lot more as their passwords. This is also wrong, a password should be unique.

But over time some bad people can figure you out and access your account. So it is always a best idea to keep changing your password something new periodically. This will make it dificult for someone who maybe following you around

4. Sign in your account on multiple devices.

Never sign in your accounts on multiple devices and leave them open, most especially public devices or computers. If you are to do that, always make sure that you never forget to log or sign out.