7 reasons you should start using more of Online Advertising than any other kind of advertising

Over the years, advertising has changed. New forms of advertising have come up; and most of the best advertising options, revolve around the internet. This kind of advertising over the internet, is wrapped up in a thing called Digital Advertising. You should get onboard too.

Still have double about the capacity and capability of digital advertising, well in this article I will be outlining some of the main reasons why you should start using digital advertising. By the time you finish reading this article, you will realize that actually, you were spending a lot for less when you could actually spend less for much much better.

Well, you might be wondering, what is digital advertising? How do I get started? Well, in my next article I will be giving you a detailed step by step guide to Digital Advertising and how you should get started, make sure you look out for that one.

But before that, here are some of the reasons why you will fall in love with online advertising. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start off with our first one.

1.    Access to data/analytics

One of the biggest advantages of digital advertising is that they have access to a tone of information. As the name suggests, digital, that word is always synonymous with data. Everything online is backed up with data; and you, as an advertiser, you have access to this data.

Each time you create an ad online, you will be able to see how your ads are performing in real-time. Every dollar, you spend, you will be able to see how that money is spent on a particular ad campaign and the results will always be in your face at all time. This helps to see what to improve and also see what works best for you for your ads.

2.    Results are almost instant.

Gone are the days of creating an ad campaign and sit waiting, not sure if it was worth it or not, but just crossing your fingers that you will get to see results. With Digital advertising, results are always for certain in most cases. For what ever budget you have for a particular ad campaign, you are always certain you will get the results in that budget. And this always happens almost instantly as soon as you start your campaign.

3.    Target a specific audience.

We have already talked about data earlier, but this is where the power of data does the magic. With the power of data, you can target and reach the exact audience which is more interested in your product or service. Things like hobbies, interests etc. if your products appeal to any of the specific audience type, then you would be able to target those. This is something known as Ad Targeting.

Take an example of users interested in sports, with a lot of data out there, ad networks would be able to determine what users are more interested in sports: And if your targeted audience is people who like sports, you would get more interaction with your ad from those kinds of people since you would be selling something they are more likely to like. Ad targeting is value for money because each dollar the you would spend; you would reach audiences which are more likely to make you sales.

4.    Cost effective.

The internet is cost effective in every kind of sense. The time and money it would take one to create and put an ad in a paper magazine, billboard, newspaper etc. would be a lot more than that it would take to put up an ad online. For an online ad, all you need is a couple of text and maybe a picture but still you would get better results than any other sort of advertising.

On top of the cost involved in creating an ad, online advertising is relatively cheap, you can literally start with any budget and go as high as you wish. The pricing is flexible. You would be able to reach a bigger audience, starting at a relatively low cost. You would save more at the same time get the most effective results.

5.    Reach a wider audience.

The internet has penetrated deep into people’s lives; we literally live on the internet now. The audience has grown so huge now. And if you are an advertiser, this is what you need.  Online advertising can reach nearly every global market than any other kind of advertising. You have many ways of reaching a wider audience and in an effective and smarter way.

6.    Many advertising avenues

Online advertising keeps on growing and growing; the options for advertising are tremendous. From using search engines, using social media and using popular people on the internet. With the rise of all these advertising avenues, you have many options to choose from. You just choose what works best for you and will be good to go.

7.    Variety of ad formats.

With online adverting, you as an advertiser, you have a lot of ways to present your ad to your potential customers in a variety of ways. From video, audio, text, links, images, articles etc. Online ads can also be interactive like letting users fill out some forms that let them take specific actions. This displays an ad to potential customers in an engaging format which could potentially lead to more sales.


Well, whatever your customer base is, the internet can certainly bring you more of them. With technological advancement in every sector of business, the digital world has brought a lot more precision in whatever we do. Digital advertising in more precise and effective than any other kind of advertising, all you need to do is some little bit of planning and you would be good to go.