8 basic ways to tell a scam website.

There many website on the internet but not all of them are out there for the right reasons. Some are out there to get you, your money or after things you care about. So, there is always need to be cautious when browsing these websites.

There’s a few different ways you can tell a scam website just by looking at it. These types of scam websites target people for things like trafficking, use these websites to influence people for advertising, and target people for their money. If you don’t want to fall a victim to these kind of sites, read on, by the end this article you will have a few tips at hand to single out wrong websites.

So without waiting any more time, let us get into the first sign of a scam site.

1. Fake domains

Normally scam sites use domain names of some popular authentic website to trick you into thinking that you are dealing with the real site. For example you could find a website that has a domain name like amazoni.com and they want to trick you into thinking that you are dealing with amazon.com.

So it is always best to double check that you are on the right domain name of the website you intended to visit.

2. Redirects

Another common trick that scam websites use are redirects. This is because site like these, they just don’t want to reveal their identity and with redirects they trick you in thinking that you are still or the same site but when you are on a different one.

So always watch out with sites that do alot of redirect.

3. Distracting content.

Scam site normally have alot of flashing content that would make you make you take certain actions on the site. Scam sites have alot of pops that call for you take action. Pop ups with statements like “take action now”, “take this offer before it ends”, etc.

With those kind of statements, it is always better to double check before you click any button. With out knowing you could be giving out concent for them to use your information.

4. Abnormal offers

We all want to have the best in life that’s why we always go for the best offers anyone can give. That is why scam websites use these offers to trick people to steal their money but when actually the offer they are talking about doesn’t exist.

These sites could not even use these offers to target people for just money but also things like human trafficking, scammers could use these sites to trick people with high paying jobs in different locations.

So people watch out with those sites with these so called offers.

5. Ask for money

Now you are giving me a job that you say is paying huge but also you’re asking money from me, really? Normally these scam sites always ask for money from you to do specific things for you, so people please always know what you are paying for and who you are giving money to.

6. No location

Another thing to note about these scam websites is that they do not have a specific physical location where they operate from. So if you ever run into a problem with them, there is no way you can contact or get in touch with them for help. Because the site has unclear intentions, they would never have a location. It is best to go away from these kind of sites.

7. No privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a statement that shows a user of a particular site on how the site will use the information the site gathers from them.

Each site that gathers user data or information must have a privacy policy statement that tells users how their information is or will be used.

Scam site never have this and if you submit in your information, they could use it in what ever way they want. You should never submit in your data like card information to these kind of websites.

8. No security Measures

These site also normally don’t have any security Measures to protect its users.

No encrypted connection to protect user information or any other security measure to protect sensitive information like card data. Sites that deal with money must always have verified security.

So watch out for that to.

These are just the basics how scam websites might behave but does not guarantee that all these sites do some of these things are actually scammers or not, sometimes a scam can come in a whole lot of different ways but the best thing and way to tell a scam is to always be careful on what you do on a specific website.