Hello there, am Peter-Peak! If you are reading this, I must say, it is really nice to meet you! I hope you would stay around. Well, you must be wondering why you would stay on same random guy’s site.

Well, am really a nice person to be around with!

That being said, I am a thinker, I have a big imagination, i would call my self a scientist but that would not be accurate because I don’t have the credentials. So lets just call me a thinker.

I still believe in the spiritual world; that is God and all related stuff. I have many theories about different stuff about life, I have many things that cross my mind. With that I said to myself, what if there is someone like me who shares the same thoughts? Or what if there is someone who thinks their crazy to think the things they do?

Well, I created this blog to share my theories, hypothesis and experiences with you and you, share your experiences and thoughts with me. Many things come across our minds, some social, some scientific and others historical. We always have certain views or theories about different issues. The theories I might have might be the theories you may have. That is the whole reason of me creating this blog, to show you that you are not crazy alone.

You maybe even not share the same views as I do but I hope I can convince you or you may possibly convince me to take on your point of view.

So with that, I hope you stick around because the whole point is to connect with you and share ideas.

I put up posts every now and then; the post I might put up tomorrow or today might be the post you might need at that particular point. So hope to stick you around!