Cloud computing and what it can do for you

You normally hear people saying the the word “cloud” in regards to tech. You hear them say “I have my data saved in the cloud”, “you back it up in the cloud”, “it’s stored in the cloud”, “cloud computing”, “Cloud Platforms” and a lot more phrases. But what is the cloud really and how can it help you? Well, don’t worry no more because by the time you finish reading this, you will have a better idea what all this is and also realize that you need the cloud more than you thought.

What is the cloud?

Let us take a situation where you have a computer, on this computer you store your music, documents, videos and other kinds of files. Still on this computer you can move, make copies to other devices, share, install your software, run programs and transfer in any way you please maybe via a network or via storage devices like flash drives.

Now, how about that same computer is connected to the Internet and you are able to work, run programs, manage, control, copy and move, install software and transfer your files to anywhere without having to go to that same computer that has the files it’s self physically but do everything from another device like a phone, tablet or laptop. Well, that type of computer can be termed as a cloud server.

Big tech companies setup these platforms with huge data centers with computer have huge computing power for individuals, organisation, companies and government agencies to rent them out and use them at a fee.

The cloud can be broken down into two parts: commonly Cloud storage and Cloud computing.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage can be part of a bigger thing called Cloud Computing but sometimes companies(platforms) setup Cloud Storage for storing and retrial of data.

Cloud Storage can be termed as this kind of storage that is accessible on the Internet, cloud servers are real computers specifically set for storing of information and they are always connected to the Internet making it possible for anyone using them to access their data anytime anywhere.

When you use the cloud storage, you can be assured that your files are stored in a safe place and you will not have to worry about loosing your data. Companies that offer cloud services store your information on different server all over the world. So even if there is a failure on one servers in one location, your data can be retrieved from servers in a different location.

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing is what sums up what the cloud is,the cloud does not only do only file storage and retrieval. All your computing needs from hosting websites or apps, databases, storage and more is taken care of for you through cloud companies, they setup the infrastructure for you and you rent them at a smaller price.

So generally, cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases.

So how does the cloud help you.

What you can do with the cloud is countless, it is more like the sky is the limit or even not the sky but you. Bellow am going to outline same of the ways how the cloud can help you and ease your computing needs.

File Back Up, 

Cloud storage is a great backup tool. When you store data on a cloud server you can rest assured that your data or flies are stored in a safe location. Since cloud platforms backup data on different servers, you almost be certain that there will be no loss of your data like in case when you save your files on your own local computer or on flash-drives.

No Data Centers,

When you use a cloud platform, all your IT needs are managed for you, you do not have to go ahead and setup your data centers since all there resources that you might need are set up for you. The resources that go into managing your own data centers like personnel, space, the hardware and more would be utilized for something better.

Time saving,

The time that would go into having to setup a data centers would saved. For a cloud platform since everything is managed for you, you can get up and running in just a matter of minutes.

Always connected, 

Obviously having a to store your data in the cloud, you can mange it anytime, anywhere and on any device. So you always have access to your data, you can edit and delete it anytime as you would please. All you need is access to the internet and you would be able to do your work.


Companies that set up cloud platforms are huge, they are managed 24 7 to store huge amounts of data for people all over the world, so with that you are almost sure that your data is stored safely. These companies make sure that your data is secured with the latest software. They always make sure they secure your data is accessible 24/7 and in any case of of a data breach, they always have teams that make sure that your data is not compromised.


If you are an organisation or a team of people, most of the times you need to share data. With the cloud this can easily be done by team members having to just access the cloud server. In this kind of scenario, you just provide your team members access to certain data with limited privileges, you can increase or decrease the power of certain users or members they have over your data, this is always a great thing when it comes to collaboration.


On a cloud server there is convenience, you can manage your files or data in one place. Hosting, managing databases, managing your team members, all this can be done in one place. All you have do is connect to the server.


The money needed to setup your own private servers is huge. Think of the cost you would have to incur in paying people that manage the server, the cost of software, the hardware and networking. All this would cost you huge amounts of money. But for cloud computing companies, you would pay a small monthly fee according your needs and usage.

Well, that is a little bit of introduction about the cloud and cloud computing in general, so if you still have questions about the cloud or about this article, don’t hesitate to contact me or comment it bellow.