Connection of the human being and the things they invent today

Notice how everything we create today most especially in communication like TVs and Smartphones; are becoming smaller and slimmer but still high-tech? All phones, laptops, chips, TVs etc. are slimmer and slimmer. Well, have you ever come to wonder why? Let us think about this for a moment.

The human being has made tremendous technological advancement. Now the smaller and the slimmer the product, and which is still high-tech, the more trendy. That means when you make a product that has a slim design, the cooler it will be and the more likely to make it in the market. Everyone now is more likely to buy a mobile phone or laptop that has a slimmer feel. But all this technological advancement, is it really about tech?

In my earlier article (Your death will be caused by knowledge), I talked about how the human being has acquired knowledge. I said that this body of the human being has limits, it can not exceed 10% of the true knowledge capacity of the human being. We get rid of it by dying so that we could get rid of the limitation. It is like a snake shedding off it’s skin, to make it’s self beautiful again.

I will not go back into that, if you did not read the article, you first can read it here and then come back to this one. It will give you a better picture of where I come up with all this.

Scientists, or let me say we scientists; I take myself to be one; we love to understand things. By doing so, we create models and theories about a certain problem and choose to believe that. Well, that is the only way we know, and it has worked for quite sometime.

Scientists always disagree on certain theories on models and some end up coming up with their own which they end up making acceptable later. One of the things that scientists always agree on, is that before you can prove a theory, then it is a wrong one or it does not exist.

I think this is wrong, there are certain things that scientists do not understand yet and end up calling them “a mystery”. But does that mean there not there or exist?

With all this, I just wanted to paint a picture for for. There are certain things that we do not understand now, even with our earlier theories or modals, they just do not make sense; but when they exist. Even things we do not see or are able to see, We also create models and theories about them like waves. I am also creating some sort of theory about the true nature of the human being, though I can not prove it yet.

I believe the human being is more than the physical body. A human being can be a spirit to some and for those that do not believe in spirits, let us call it this just conciousness; which all still beyond the physical body.

So everything we do, create and the way behave represents who we truly are.

Since the human being is parking more and more knowledge on him/her self( according to my earlier post); each and everyday he is being pulled to his or her true self. That means he has to get rid of the physical which is now a limitation to him. How?

There are certain things we learn at a young age like feeding the moment you are born, closing your eyes when something comes towards them; we call this reflex. You do it even when you do not know what you are doing.

Now even the things we create now, we create them by reflex. We find our selves creating a design and find our selves loving it. Artists say, when you create a design, it speaks who you are and it comes from deep within you.

We have not understood who we are, yet; but everything we find our selves loving feel right because they represent who we are.

The things we create now are tending to be slimmer, smaller, wireless and virtual but we end up loving them and enjoying them. It is because they represent who we are. I believe they will become smaller and smaller, to virtual, till they represent who we are and that is beyond the physical. Things will be more and more smaller in times to come till they become invisible physically, which is who we are.

We will keep on doing this till we create things that feel more right and represent who we are. They would feel just right!