Is destiny planned or can we change it?

When you look at your personal life, the way things are unfolding; that is the way things are happening in your life, you can’t help it but wonder, are all people’s lives(individuals’ lives) predetermined?

Well, every person has got a story to tell about their lives and that story is always unique to them. Even when you thought you shared some sort of event or scene (if we take the movie kind of view) with someone, the way that person tells that particular scene is always unique to them. Their personality is always captured in the way that story is told. Could this be the some when it comes to life? Every one’s plot is different?

One of the thing that brought me to write about this and asking these questions. Sometime back I watched the reaction of kids when parents told them they ate their Halloween candy. Children reacted in different ways, some were aggressive and others so cool and understanding.

What is striking in all this is that all these reactions are not something that is taught. Children just found themselves acting in those different ways. This gives you a clue that just maybe each one of these kids, according to their unique reactions, their story/destiny will be as unique.

When you looked that those kids, that scene in their story was different, the way every one handled that issue or problem brought a different outcome for the next part or scene of their story. The actions, behaviors and the way they handled that part was different and because of their different personalities, what they do for the next part would be different.

Many things influence how we go through life; from the decisions we make, our personalities and a lot of other things. Having a different personality to another person is not a choice you make, you just find yourself being that way.

Let us take an example, one person can be an emotional person, they find themselves being hurt, saddened over things another would say are trivial. And for another person you may find that the things you might call big are not that important to them, they never get emotional at all.

The same thing applies to the things on might call bad, though how someone is raised up plays a role in this but still even when someone or society did not teach you about a particular issue, there things you would find inappropriate and for another actually they are appropriate.

This is the same thing that applies to how some people get rich and others poor. A person who is going to be rich and who is going to be poor, they are set from birth. Decisions/choices that make people rich, one might get them the first time, another might get them after different trials and for another they might not get them at all. Sometimes this is because some decision that make someone rich might look against one’s personality/principles and they end up having to use different methods, some methods might work and others might not work at all. This is because it all started from the beginning on what lane one has to follow through their life according to how they were set initially.

So are people’s destinies predetermined? The lanes or paths one can take are they always written or we can change them as we please awe? Every individual person goes through life with different experiences. It seems everyone of us is set from birth on how they are going to go through life, according to emotions, personality and a bunch of other things and to some extent how we are raised adds to that a bit but does not exactly change who we are.

The question remains now, who writes these stories? How fair is what difficult one has to go through following their lane in relation to the other. Since having money is one of the biggest issues, we have seen many people not having to do much and they get rich; other did so much and still got rich; others did so much and did not get rich at all; other did nothing and did not get rich because, well, that is also who they are.

Even endings of one’s life, when, how is always seems to be set.

Now that we are taking on the thought that someone or something is writing these stories who is he? Or better yet who is it? If God exists then is he writing these stories for each individual? For as long as I could remember, they have always told us that God is a fair God. So if he is far why is it that some peoples’ stories have better endings than others?

Then again if we are in charge of our destinies, it is simply the way we do things as individuals that determine our destiny, you always have to be like newton’s third law of motion, that is action and reaction. In others the harder you worker, the better results you will get. But this does also seem like the way things are happening in our world today.