Knowledge could be one of the main reasons why people die

The universe is evolving and so are the human beings on earth. One thing that is causing all these changes is the human body, specifically the human brain. Time seems to be becoming more and more smaller for us. The things we have discovered and learnt-have changed the way we think about life, the way we behave and the way we live life.

Each and everyday we learn and discover new stuff, but have you ever sat down and think; is all this learning and discovering, is it all for the good? Well, it is certainly for good, but there is one important thing that we are overlooking. Please follow along and see why.

First of all, for those that believe in the bible. According to the bible, man sinned when he ate on the tree that God forbid him to eat from. When God found that out, He cursed man. But one thing that the tree would give man, was the power of knowledge; the ability to tell right from wrong; basically the ability to find out things ( information ).

God cursed man in different ways, and one of them was death. But another way man was cursed which is not usually mentioned is that knowledge that man got after eating the fruit from the tree which was forbidden, was a curse too. It seems now like knowledge is actually leading to us leaving on earth for less and less years. How?

Well, because of the curses, man had to work for food( which was one of the curses), pain in giving birth ( another curse). Since he ate on the fruit, man had knowledge now, and because of that he had to work his way around the curse for survival. He had to learn things that are dangerous to his/her health; things that he should or should not eat; dangers of the weather, that is, he had to learn how to find and learn how build shelter and so on.

Actually this article is not about curses, I just want to show you something.

Notice, that from the time of Adam, each generation lives for less and less years on earth. The average age a person has got to live on earth keeps on decreasing till now.
What is key in all this is that, as you read the bible from the book of genesis going forward, the average age a person has got to live on earth kept on decreasing till today. The average number of years a person can live on earth now is very less than the generation before.

This is because the information that someone consumes in a day is so much today than the information that someone had to consume in earlier generations. The invention of things like the internet, the compilation of books, and all those things have brought a lot of information to our exposure. A day now seems shorter than it used to be, that’s because a person has got a lot to do and learn in just one day and it seems the day is shorter.

And it could true that a day for a human being has become actually shorter for us. Why? It is because we are smarter, we process information fast and it seems time as we know it just can’t keep up.

So how is knowing killing? Well, since this post is not backed up by science, I can not give you that answer or give you evidence, these are just mere observations. So you could disagree with me or disprove me but for now let’s us see this from a different point of view.

According to the bible still. Adam who is the first man got to live for 930 years. People that came after him also same lived around 900 years. But because he was the first man, Adam had to learn about a lot of things if he was to survive with his descendants. This acquisition of knowledge made the years that his descendants had to live on earth to keep on shrinking, because of the information Adam had gathered .

According to same scientists, there is a theory, which I actually believe. A human being uses 10% of his brain ( I will be talking about this more in my next articles). So where is the 90%?

I think it is not actually the brain capacity, the human body was designed to use 10% of it’s capacity; not the Brain’s capacity, but the being’s capacity and capability. The human being is beyond the physical nature that we know. This is why when you try to approach 10% of your capacity, the brain shuts down and you are pulled to your true self, and you end up disappearing, or dying!

Our bodies were not designed to process information that is beyond 10% of our real knowledge or capability. The moment you approach 10%, you end up dead. Our physical body can not process at a speed of our true self. So what is our true self? Spirits or whatever, I am not sure. But if we are to use above 10%, then we would need to find that out; how? How do we work beyond our physical bodies?