Limit who tags you on Facebook: Filter Facebook post tags

Tagging someone is a feature that Facebook put in place to help people share a post that they are involved in. For example a group picture, the Facebook tag feature allows you to tag people that are involved in the picture. You would have access to the picture you are tagged in, the picture will show up on your profile and timeline even if you actually did not upload the picture yourself, you will receive notifications on new comments and replies.

Facebook tagging is not limited to only photos, any kind of post on Facebook, you can be tagged or tag someone.

Well, this feature is amazing for many situations but sometimes you might not want to be tagged in a post on Facebook. Sometimes the notifications are too much, the amount of posts that your friends tag you in can be too much. The posts that show up on your timeline can be irrelevant or even abusive to you and other people which you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with those kind of posts.

Well, there is a way you can stop it all together or limit when someone should tag you or who should tag you. In this post we are going see how to mange posts that your friends tag you in and which of yours can tag themselves on.

How to enable Tag review.

Before you can be able to to filter posts you are tagged in, you need to first enable this feature. It is all the the settings section, so go to: Settings. You can use this link to go directly to your Facebook settings ; you need to be logged in already.

  1. Click or tap on timeline and tagging.
Facebook Timeline and Tagging settings

2. Scroll down to where there is Review or Timeline Review. Click edit on where there is “Review posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?” Click on tap on enable to set it to On.

Enable Facebook timeline review

Click Close and that is it, the next time that someone tags you on Facebook; for that post to show up on your timeline, you would have to first add it manually. It gives you more control on which post to allow and which not to allow.

If you would like to also review tags that friends add to your own Facebook posts then here you have to move on this same page a little bit down. Then click on “Review tags that people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook?” and then set this to “On” also.

After doing that the next time a friend tags you, you will have to go to your Timeline review to review posts. How do you get to timeline review? Well, now lets see how to filter those posts now.

How to filter tags.

Facebook developers made this easy because you are in control of which post can appear on your Facebook timeline with Timeline Review. With timeline review enabled, each post that you are tagged in, you have to first approve it before it appears on your Facebook timeline. To be able to use timeline review you have to first turn it on in your account settings like we have just done above.

To get to your your Timeline review, you have to go to your own timeline or profile. To get there, click anywhere on your name or profile picture.

Then click on “Pending Items” on the left bellow your profile picture and profile tabs or you can also click on activity log on the right of your name and then “Timeline review” just bellow.

Facebook timeline review
Facebook Timeline review

When you get to timeline review, you will see a list of posts which are waiting for review with each post having two buttons on top “Add To Timeline” and “Hide“. Choose any action you would like to take. Hide post from timeline or Add to Timeline.

Add a Facebook post to your timeline or hide it.
Add a Facebook post to your timeline or hide it.

Hiding a post from your timeline does not remove the tag, other people will see that you were tagged in that post from other locations though not on your timeline. So to remove a tag from any of the posts in your timeline review, click on options – the three black dots, and then click “Remove Tag” and that will be it. That post will be like it never happened, no annoying notifications, no nothing