Mane vs Salah; What is in for Liverpool

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Am an arsenal fan, but, am one of those people who like to give credit where it is due. That being said, I like how solid the Liverpool team has become in recent times. The same thing I like about the Man City team. These two teams have one thing in common. They all play for the team, they push each other without any egos and this makes them unbreakable defensively, solid in the midfield and have a sharp attacking line.
But all this seem about to change when it comes to Liverpool.

According to recent events, there must be some trouble in the Liverpool team. If it is not there yet, then it is heading their way. One of the the things that make Liverpool an amazing team is the front three talent, the is Mane, Firmino and Salah. Of course am not saying it is only the three but their a big attribute to the team.

Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane being calmed by firmino

Mane and Salah are more of the goal scorers and Firmino is like the link between them. They have become frequent scorers and it seems it even created a team-ate healthy rivalry. When one scores, the other is like, “I can score to”. But if this healthy rivalry is not grounded, we will see more of the things we saw last weekend or even more of that.

With that last weekend incident shows that the rivalry is not at all grounded. That is why there is even more and more less assists between these two players. This has even caused Mane to go mad with Salah.

All this silent beef has been building up for quite sometime and I believe it is going to disorganise the team. But who is to blame with all this? I believe it mostly the coach, the media and the fans. This is an opinion so I hope you Liverpool fans do not take this the wrong way, am just looking in from a far on how things are unfolding, I may see what you may not!

The coach

It seems the coach is not helping the situation at all. He seems he is just adding more fuel to the fire. Why is that? It is really evident that Klopp is more of a fan to Salah than Mane. Even if Mane scores more goals than Salah, the coach is more proud of Salah than Mane.

Sadio Mane
Mane angry after being substituted.

It always common for Mane not to finish the game, he is always substituted, this rare for Salah. When Mane scores goals, he is always substituted and it seems like the coach has a problem with Mane scoring more than two goals. He is never given chance to make his ha-trick even when is he scores two goals. This has also contributed to Mane’s frustration.

This is more evident when Mane helped the team to win the UEFA cup. He scored two goals, the coach did not give him chance to finish the game and possibly make his ha-trick. Mane is a quiet guy, but this time he left the field frustrated and it showed. He even took off his shirt in a kind of protest.

It is like mane to the coach is a hitman for hire, “get the result and that’s it, you have know right to feel better about your self or make your self a better player”. This is a kind of thing which has been going on with Mane and his coach for quiet sometime. Think that am reading so much into things, them check out Liverpool match in the last season.

The media and fans

When the British media falls gets them selves to like someone, even if they do something wrong, it will be right in their eyes. This applies to Salah. The British media fell in love with Salah. Even if Mane was to do double the work that Salah does (which I believe he does), he will never get the credit he deserves. That can frustrate anyone, who wants to be where nothing you do is appreciated.

We the fans sometimes we get unrealistically emotional. When someone says something you don’t like about your idol, you lose it, it does not matter to you whether is true or not. Salah has fans and Mane has fans, most of them support the Liverpool team. When either one of them makes a mistake, they look at the other ans say: “you did it too”, “you have no right to speak”, “My player scores more goals” and all sorts of statements.

So where does this leave the team?

We can not control the media, so I will not talk about them. One thing that I can talk about is that football is about a team, or playing as a team. The moment you stop being a team, that is when the team will fall apart. So in this case the coach has a lot to do, if you seem that your players are not happy, you have to see to it that they are. If a coach sees that there is a slight rivalry between his player and it is about to get out of hand and does nothing to help help the situation, then I believe that team is going for trouble. Klopp is doing that, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Something needs to change.

If all I talk about Klopp just “seems” like so and and it is not as it seems and then I see a player not enjoying himself on the football field, then it just confirms my suspetions. And I know am not the only one who is seeing.

When we see fans having to pick sides on social media, the next thing we are going to see are players also picking sides in the dressing room, and the next thing we know is the team becoming disorganised. We really don’t want that.