The secrets of the mind

Have you ever seen something or event for the first time and you feel like you have seen it before? All the way that event or situation is unfolding, feels like it is happening exactly in the some way you have seen before. If you have, then you should know this is sometimes confusing. One of the theories you come up with and choose to believe is that your mind is playing tricks on you.

Another theory is that you have seen something like that or similar somewhere, and you just seem not to remember. Am guessing this is what they call Deja-vu. Feeling like you have experienced something before. Well, that is one way we chose to look at it.

Am still guessing this is one of those things scientists call “a mystery”.

For me, since I believe in this thing that the human being is beyond the physical nature (I will show you this in my subsequent articles), we just can not say mystery and leave it there, unexplored. In this article am just exploring this a bit more. These are just guess to trigger discussions.

Since the brain is the CPU of the human body, this is where we get glimpse of some unexplainable nature of the human being. Because it is already said (which I kind of believe), that we use 10% of our brain capacity or real knowledge capacity of the human being.

Our brains can not process information which is beyond the threshold it was designed to process. And this is one of those things that are beyond the threshold of the human brain. I show you this in my previous articles, Your death will be caused by knowledge and Connection to us and the things we invent today.

Events like this, actions like this or glimpse of a certain nature you can not explain like this show you the true power of the human.

When you think about thing of deja-vu, the human being seems to have power to see into the past. This is because, if an event is just unfolding just in front of your eyes; which is the present, and you end up feeling like you saw that event before, that means, at a certain point you went into the future and saw something which ending up happening in your now.

What if this is not actually the present, how sure are you that this I not the past?

Because the human body is a limitation to our true power, we just end up not getting either of what is happening and you end up leaving it as it is, “a mystery”.

As for me am always inquiring and exploring new things beyond our normal descriptions, this is one of those things. And the whole reason of me putting these articles out there is to ask questions in your mind so that you could give more thoughts to things around us. Maybe be we could come up with the greatest discoveries which make sense.