Shop from any US online store and ship to any country in the world

Not every online store or e-commerce website in the US ships to every country and in fact many countries are not able to shop things from the US just because of shipping restrictions. But have you ever thought of being able to shop from any US online store and have your products delivered to your country of destination. Well, don’t think about it just because now it is really possible for you to receive anything from the United States.

Thanks to an amazing company and site which has made this possible, you can have Original American brands in your possession. The website am talking about is called MyUS. MyUS works with major shipping companies that enable you to ship anything to any country. They work with shipping companies like DHL, UPS, and FEDEX.

How MyUs works

Well, it’s really simple, with MyUS you register on their website by selecting from three packages they offer on their websites. The basic membership, premium membership, premium + mail membership. The Basic Membership you get 5 days of products storage; Premium Membership you get 30 days of product storage & 20% shipping discount on your products; then with the Premium Membership + Mail you get 30 days of product storage, 20% shipping discount and being able to receive letters.

Note: Products storage is important when you when you still have other products you have ordered and you want to ship them at once. This is good because your products would be consolidate and shipped at once and therefore saving more on shipping cost.

How to get started with MyUs

You can get started with MyUS by registering on their website. On registration MyUs will give you your own unique address which you can use on any US shopping site. This address will have your name, address 1, address 2, city, state and zip code. Here is how it looks like.

My us adress
What a my My Us Adress looks like

Then you will use that address as your shipping address whenever you buy from any US store.

How to order from US stores.

You can order for US stores by simply looking for the products you want. When it comes to a moment you have to fill out your shipping address. You just use the address MyUS gave you and it is filled out as follows:

My us adress
My us adress

On the name fields, you fill out the names you used with MyUs and that is your first and last name.

    • On address line 1, you fill out the address line 1 that MyUs have you.
    • On address line 2, You will have to fill out the unique suite number that MyUS gave you. This is really important.
    • City, Still MyUS will provide you with the city you have to use but normally it’s Sorasota.
    • State, this is normally Florida but you have to check this in your MyUs account to make sure.
  • Zip code or postal code, you use the Zip.code that MyUs gave you.

This sounds good, go ahead and FIND OUT