4 amazingly tasty food from Uganda that everyone should try out

Uganda is always a nice place to visit but if you have not tried some of the food, then your visit was not maximised, you have got to try of these ones. In this post article I have picked some of the best food from Uganda which I like and that I think every one should try out. So if you happen to find your self in Uganda or you are thinking of visiting Uganda, don’t leave without trying out these amazing dishes. I have picked the ones which I think can easily be eaten even for those people who have never had of these kinds food at all, and I believe they can enjoy them.

Though takes some time to learn how prepare some of them, eating them is just magical.

Today I am just going to go through this list but in later series I will be showing you how to prepare some of these foods, so make sure you check back as I explore different things about life; that is, on this planet and beyond. Today I just happen to be talking about food. In later articles I will be talking about food from different places around the world.

So let me start off our list with a dish called Katogo.

Katogo of a chapatti, meat, potatoes
Katogo of a chapatti, meat, potatoes.

1. Katogo.

Katogo was the kind of dish which was initially simply beans and cassava mixed and cooked together. As time went on people started realizing new and better ways of preparing katogo. They have come up with many different recipes of Katogo.

So as of now when anyone talks of Katogo, they are talking about a dish which is a mixture of two or more kinds of foods. It could be a Katogo of beans, beef and cassava or a katogo of beef, chicken and vegetables. What is key when is comes to this dish is the way you prepare it. You got to have some skills and experience to make come out nice and tasty.

Dish of katogo of cassaava and matoke
Dish of katogo of cassaava and matoke.

The katogo dish became increasingly  popularity of and because of that, the word Katogo became a word commonly used most especially in high school and university students. For example if someone says, “don’t bring your katogo here”, they are literally saying, don’t bring your confusion or chaos here. Or if someone says “I want to do a katogo of things”, they are typically saying I want to do a bunch of things. Of course it is not formal!

So katogo is a chaos of food turned into one chaotically delicious dish.

Then that brings me to another kind of dish.

Rolex with beef and vegatables
Rolex with beef and vegatables

2. A Rolex.

When you talk about a Rolex in Uganda, you are taking about food and not expensive watches, unless you said it otherwise. A Rolex is popular kind of fast food because it is delicious, accessible anywhere on the streets of Kampala, relatively cheap depending on the place where you buy.

rolex with vegatables Uganda fast food
Rolex with vegatables

A rolex is typical a chapati, eggs and vegetables rolled together. When it comes to a rolex, you can not say you where in Uganda and don’t know about a rolex, it is now like the signature of Uganda.

There is whole festival dedicated to the rolex, people from different corners of the country come together to showcase their best rolex recipes. These days Rolex are made in different ways, you can find a rolex of meat, of vegetables and many other kinds.

So after a long tiring day, make sure you try out a rolex.

Matoke with meat
Matoke with beef sauce.

3. Matoke.

One of Uganda’s nickname is ‘the Matoke republic’. Ugandans love Matoke, you can not say you made a great celebration and you did not prepare Matoke along with. Matoke are a type of green bananas which are boiled, mashed and then eaten with stew or sauce. But it is not as simple as boiling, with that, you wont have the true feel of the Ugandan Matoke.

Raw matoke, un peeled.

The preparation is a bit different. You have to wrap the Matoke in banana leaves to bring out the aroma.

The preparation of Matoke is a bit tricky all the way, from the peeling, wrapping them in bananas leaves to mashing. So it takes some time to get the hang of it. But what am so sure of about Matoke, is that they are delicious and I believe anyone could enjoy Matoke. So if you are in Uganda, make sure to check out Matoke.

These foods am mentioning right here are like a true description of Uganda, so make you never leave without tasting them.

So that brings me to my last kind food. And that is a Luwombo.

uganda meal with a luwombo aside
Uganda meal with a luwombo aside

4. Luwombo.

A Luwombo is the trickiest to prepare and most delicious one of all the food I have mentioned earlier. It is just as gorgeous as it is tasty. However much I love every food I have mentioned above, a Luwombo is just on another level, from the technic used to prepare it, to the aroma, to the taste. My God, you just need to taste it your self. Actually a Luwombo is sauce or stew prepared in a banana leaves. So it can and most of the time eaten with Matoke.

Luwombo of chicken
Luwombo of chicken

Now you can imagine preparing sauce  in a banana leaf is not something done everyday and it is not so easy, it takes someone who has experience to make sure that the banana leaf does not break and spill everything. So it takes some time for someone to get to know what they are doing. Though, it is always worth the effort to learn how prepare it.

You can prepare a luwombo stew of: beef, fish, chicken and a lot more.

Luwombo with beef, and vegatable
Luwombo with beef, and vegatable.

What I love most about Luwombo is there is no added oils. Everything is prepared as natural as possible but the taste comes out just as heavenly. There are many restaurants and hotels in Kampala that serve Luwombo. So simply ask for a luwombo.


I hope you love all these foods when you find them. In my next post about food I hope to find the experts to show us how to prepare each of them. I hope you come back and read on how to.

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