What if the earth disappears with all of us in it

One of the phenomenon we have not fully understood is space. Space is one of those things we have not fully explored. We generally do not have much information about the workings of the universe.

With this in mind, the planets we have come to know so far, we see them or understand them as empty things with out any sort of life or beings. But with the naivety we still have towards the universe, is it that they do not have life? Could it be that they have life and creatures on them and we just don’t know it. Or could it be that they had life many many centuries ago just like earth?

The planet we know of that supports our existence is earth. But as big as the universe is; or we have come to know; could it be possibly that only one planet supports life? Are we the only kind of our selves? Could it be that there is another kind, which we normally call aliens? Or could it be that there must be only one planet that can supports life in the solar system at a time?

All these questions pop up in my mind at times. One thing I believe, if we are the only kind of our selves or beings then am sure it can not be only earth that supports life. If it is, then what is the whole purpose of the other planets?

We humans, naturally we exhaust stuff or the material that supports our existence. It is what we have been doing for years. Food, shelter, entertainment, all these stuff and activities that we do, there must be same sort of material the we must use.

What happens when earth gets tired of us or gets exhausted? We see the trends of climate change. Will we go extinct? Then what happens to the universe if we are the only ones?

Thinking about all these questions, I realise something that has always been key in our existence. Everything about human existence is automated. Everything about our existence there is some sort of patten. How the material we use came about there is always a scientific patten. We ourselves get get born, grow, give birth and die, then the cycle repeats. All this stuff, there is a patten.

Looking all all these pattens, I realise that it does not stop only on things we use in our daily life (how they grow, how they came to exist, etc.) on earth. This is the same thing that happens when I look at the universe, specifically the solar “system”. It is actually that; an automated system with us in it.

The solar system seems to work in either of the two ways: By recycling it’s self, or It gets rid of the old. Remember these are what ifs; just imaginations.

The universe is recycling it’s self

When we take the theory that the universe is recycling it’s self, this means that when a planet that supports life gets exhausted by humans, the solar system recycles it and after millions of years, it comes back regenerated and renew to support life again.

Let us take our earth for example, it was once as empty as Mars and exhausted. It recycled and regenerated after millions of years, it came back renewed to support life.

All the other planets like mercury, Mars and others, are still in an ordered process of getting recycled. One by one of them will be renewed to support life and the existence of humans. All of them are in equal time difference of order in the regeneration process. For example one might have a +2 billion years than the earlier one or -2 billion years than the next one. The time it takes the current one to get exhausted, by that time, a new planet would be renewed and regenerated to support life and the existence of humans.

It could be that we humans do not realize it but we are moving around planets.

Old planets disappear and new ones form

There could possibly be more thousands or millions of planets that we do not see or know of. Could it be that a planet like earth gradually gets old and at a certain time it will disappear and a new planet that supports life will be formed? The time it takes for one planet to form is the same time it takes for the other to disintegrate and disappear?

Still on this scenario, there is a timed order. All the planets that we know of once had life like Mars, Jupiter, Saturn etc, are all now in the order of disappearance and new ones will be formed? Because of the time in-between them, the formation of a new planet that supports life is dependant on the disappearance of the oldest planet and the exhaustion of the current planet that supports life?

When a new planet is formed, life exist only on this planet and the others are in the queue of disappearance to support the formation of newer planet?

Think about this for a moment and please leave a comment.