The philosophy of being black.

There are certain directions in which things are moving when it comes to asking who a black person is. Some are moving in the right direction and others not so right.

Some incidents make you wonder if the cause of a black person and what they stand for is still known.

Recently there have been incidents of black people with light skin most especially celebrities being harassed on social media actually by fellow black people. This is simply missing the point.

Being black is and has always been a philosophy. In the philosophy of being black there is a certain way of lifestyle, beliefs and on top of that the idea of a leveled ground for everyone as humans.

This philosophy does not care what colour you are. All it cares about is that you believe and find peace when living that philosophy; it does not discrimine.

So if a person comes up and say, i feel more black; it shows that they believe in the black philosophy and should be regarded as such.

There is a saying from Uganda: Bwogenda ebulya mbwa, nawe olalya mbwa. Meaning that if you go to a place where they eat dogs, you also have to eat dogs in order to fit in and be regarded as family.

This has always been the thinking of black people everywhere. All you need to do is believe in their philosophy of life and that is it; you are black.

Now when i see black people attacking black people just because they are of lighter skin, that is missing the point.

The world is changing and it seems the world is catching up with the black philosophy where everyone is treated as human and not colours. Lets us not take our selves back.

My elder brother always told me that: there is enough place for all us at the top. I believed in that statement then and I believe it now. You do not have to live your life at the expense of another person. We can all succeed. This statement has always been part of the black philosophy.