There could possibly be a whole world inside the sun

When you think about the sun, you always think of it as this very hot  spherical thing which has a bunch of chemical reactions happening in and around it. Well, have you ever thought of the possibility of an entire world existing inside the sun? I have; and there are many signs pointing to this theory.

If you take sometime to think about this more, the sun is about 1392300km in diameter; that is huge number! Now take all the planets that we know of, that is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, you could even add Pluto which is no-longer called a planet. Adding all the diameters of these planets, you could see that their total diameter is no way even near half to that of the sun. What this means is that the sun is bigger than all the planets in our solar system combined.

In other words, you can fit all the planets that we know of inside the sun, and you would still be left with enough space for all the planets to float around freely in space. If planets of the entire solar system can fit inside sun, how about the possibility of a certain kind of world; with it’s own kind of beings being able to existing inside the sun? There is pretty much that possibility.

Think of beings which are protected from the heat of the sun and all it’s radiations. On the outside we see the sun as this spherical solid which is boiling with alot of nuclear energy inside-out, but have you ever thought of the possibility of the sun a having a alot of space to house a new kind of world?

It could be that all the reactions we see happening from the sun only happen around it and actually inside, there is a lot of space. Enough space to house an entire world. Take any example of a ball; which has space; and a thick skin or wall making it around. There is the possibility of the sun being like that and the beings or world inside, is protected from all the heat.

There yet another possibility, that these beings having some higher kind of life that can transcend matter as we know it. To them: heat, all sort of radiations, and forces can not harm them. They are able to go beyond any kind of physics. This is what they teach us when they teach us about God and Angels.

What if heaven is inside the sun? I continue on this in this next article.