Understanding time will key to understanding the true nature of the human being

Everything we do on earth is always expressed in terms of time. Most of the scientific experiments are bound, expressed in terms or relations to time. From distance, speed, velocity, acceleration and more; all of these, there is a time relation.

We live life normally in relation to time. For example, the time you have to rest, the time you have to work, when to eat, and all of our daily activities in our existence, there is a time relation. Time is in every aspect of our lives, but do we understand time enough?

What we call past, they are things which we believe to have past a certain time. What we call history are things we believe have passed before a certain event in time are valued more to us. This is because we believe that we have to keep those things sacred, that is because there is no certain way of reversing time. Is that really true?

The present are the things which we believe are happening currently. In other words, the things we are looking at currently. In my earlier articles (secrets of the mind), our minds seem to disagree with this assumption that time is only present, past and future. In our mind we get these glimpse of a certain reality that seem to to have no understanding of at all. Our mind seem to suggest that time is boundless, there is no such thing as present, future or past.

The future, these are all things we have not yet seen, or things which we are looking forward to seeing. Still sighting my earlier article, (secrets of the mind), there is a certain disagreement in our mind on what is past, future and present.

Another example on how the mind always disagreeing with our definition of the present, past and future. When you dream, it believed that the dream last less than a minute, it is still believed that you may end up dead if your dream exceeds one minute. This shows you what I talking about in another article (Your death will be caused by knowledge). This is one of those things that our minds can not process.

When it comes to dreams, you can dream all about your entire life in years and years, but all this is wrapped up in just a couple of seconds. This shows you that there is something we need to think about when we are dealing with time.

I think we are not giving time enough thought. The moment we give time enough thought, there will be major break throughs in all major aspects of the existence of the human being and we will understand more of who we are.

When you look at all things that are important to a person’s life, there is always a time tag on them. So even the way we live and value things around us, time is always a major factor.

When you think about time, it is a whole science on it’s own and I believe scientists, we need to give this more thought. What we call present, future or past, I think there could be a redefinition when it comes to these words if we give time more thought.