What if heaven is inside the sun

Many things do not make sense to us when it comes to the universe. It is one of the main reasons why people always develop some kind of ideas and beliefs when it comes to things they do not understand. Am no exception. Take the existence of God for example.

There always been this thought that there is a being out there that is superior to the human. The thought that seems to be widely acceptable is the existence of God. He, God, is believed to have higher powers that are beyond human understanding. The ability to make and control the universe, create and destroy things, powers to take and give life (in simple terms, the creator of the human race and everything around them). He is also believed to have angels that are for his protection and execution of his commands.

The true nature of God is said to be that God can transcend matter, He can work outside time. Basically everything that is big for the human race, he does that and more.

Looking at all this , where God is, seems to be what gets most people turned off by this belief. To some, it is just that, “a belief” and to others it is a reality and they can giving testimonies.

Many people say God is in the midst of all of us and that He is watching everything happening around the universe. It is also said that He is in a certain place which is called heaven. A place so holy that only people that He allows to enter have to first be transformed into some sort of immortal beings. The place is so holy and beautiful that you have to be hand picked to enter it.

Well, humans have explored almost everything and as of now, even the things they do not understand yet, they have got some sort of clue. Some of the things humans do not have much information about; though with clues, one of them is the sun and the way it works. The sun is so hot that humans can not get near enough to examine the sun. It is the only place they can not get so close to. So could heaven be inside the sun?

The sun seems to be in the midst of our universe; or let me say in the midst of our solar system. The sun seems to be the only place that is protected or shielded from us. It is strategically located. Nothing that we know of, or any material that can withstand the heat and radiations of the sun.

So, could this be the place where God has to first call on you first? Could this be where you would first have to be transformed into some sort of immortal being to enter? Or could it be that to enter this place you have to first be hand-picked by God to enter?

In the previous article (the world inside the sun), it is evident that you can fit all the planets in the solar system into the sun. Could it be that heaven so big, big enough to shelter all the beings in the universe just like the sun can shelter all the planets? So far it seems possible.