The true meaning of love as we know it is simply trade.

Love is one of the most used words in the world but have you ever come to wonder what the word love truly mean. As usual I have yet again come up with one of my crazy theories when trying to understand what this word truly mean. I did not come up with this stuff out of the blue, I have observed this issue for quite some time now.

Since love is a broad issue, in this post I am focusing on love of a spouse.

What is the true meaning of love?

Trying to explain and understand the true meaning of the word love, I asked some of my friends: I put a question to them: What is the true meaning of love to you? It was no surprise the kind of answers I got from them. They were the some kinds of explanations I have been hearing all my life.

What was common in all there answers is that all of them said that love is when you care for someone.

Then I put to them another question: What influences you to care for someone more than the other? Now this where everyone of them gave me a list of things they like in someone who they would go out with. Things like having a nice body, well behaved, make you laugh and so on came up.

Looking at all this, you realize one thing; there are always certain qualities, things that you have that someone loves in you and for them to love you back, they have to love things or qualities in you that you possess.

This shows you that the love we always cry of, saying it’s beautiful, sometimes it hurts and all that stuff; it is simply trade of things that we do not have. That is things like a perfect body, good sex, money, behaviors and so on..

For someone to get into a relationship, they look for qualities in people and when they find them, for them to be compatible and say they are ‘inlove’, they trade qualities between each and if both of them buy them, that is when we say they are ‘inlove’.

So according to all trends and what people look for in relationships. Love is simply trade of things that we do not have and buy them from other people that do have them.