What is the reason for human existence?

In a in a music video ‘Pretty hurts’, by American singer Beyoncé, she was asked a question: “What is your aspiration in life?” and she answered:
“Oh, well my aspiration in lifewould be, to be happy”. Of course she was playing a character here but her answer was one of the many you would get if you asked a bunch different people the same question.

Everyone in some way or the other is always trying to give meaning to their life. When we talk about life, we are always referring to the time just before we die. Our aspirations – goals are all confined or should be confined within that time.

Life all started with two people that existed in the beginning who produced human existence. According to what we know of from the historical books; specifically the bible (I hope am right to call it a historical book), that was Adam and Eve. They lived and died after producing, and that trend continues on with us their off springs till today; produce children and die; or maybe don’t even produce children but you have got to die.

So what is the whole purpose of someone living, and after sometime dies and that is it? To whose pleasure is our existence, that cycle of living and dying. Who decides who and when one should die? And when someone dies, does that mean that their importance on this planet is over or it is just unfortunate?

When you ask individuals, the reason to their existence, you realise that each person has a view on the reason to why they are existing. You also realise that they are not actually saying why they are existing but just things they want to do just before they die; their goals. So the question remains, what is the reason of human existence? This is a generic question, it is not limited to one person. If we are to limit it to one person, everyone is or will always try to give meaning to life in their own way.

For example a person might say, ” I live for my family, I have to make sure that once am gone, they are well taken care of”. What this means is that they are anticipating death. They know that they are going to vanish just like any other matter. But that’s not it with this article.

In this world there is a lot that is going on. We give birth, we die, we kill each other, we die from disease and a lot of other things that are happening in this world. But what is the whole point of all that happening? To what purpose is all these activities that involve human beings.

I could be called weird thinking about this that way but I think that is what makes me (human) different from an animal. An animal can not think about this-this way, that what makes me sure that animals and humans are here for different reasons. It seems humans and animals, there is some kind of ranking system in nature that makes me the human rank higher than an animal.

What is disturbing to me as a human is that – it turns out that the reason why am here was not defined for me as a human. For an animal, it was programmed to do what it does, it doesn’t have think and process what it does, it just does it naturally, that is not the case for the human.

Genesis 1:26, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

Biblical View

According to what they teach us in church, it is clear that man or humans are superior than all other things that exist on this earth. And still also they tell us that the sole purpose of our existence is to praise God. God provided everything that we would need to aid our living on earth but with one sole purpose, praise and worship Him (God).

When you hear all this from church, it is like I should be thankful as a human, my only purpose is to live; with just one tiny thing, just worship and praise God, as simple as that.

When you look closely: this cycle of birth, death does not make sense. Or could it be that the sin our earlier ancestors committed is what haunting us. The sin that brought knowledge; because of the sin, we are just not contented with what we have and we just going into things that don’t even concern us or that we shouldn’t even have to worry about. Am looking for information that is beyond me I guess.

Scientific view.

According to some scientists, the universe was created because of some chemical reactions. The reactions kept on happening till today. The reactions made patterns and keep on happening over and over again.

To science, we are just a bunch of patterns that keeps happening over and over again, in some kind of cycle.

But what confusing when it comes to science on this issue is that science itself tells us that everything must have an origin. So it cannot be that our existence is just a pointless pattern that keeps on happening. We got to ask a question of; where is the origin of all this. Maybe at that point we would know why life happens the ways it happens.


When you look around, it seems that the human being is superior to any other thing on earth, probably even the universe. So lets take a worst case scenario, where for whether through our doing or not; the whole human race dies. Would that mean the world has came to an end? And then what?