What is the whole point of death? Do humans even die?

Death is one of the most feared things in life to most people. Just talking about death makes most people feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Well, it is understandable; imagine not ever going to see your loved ever again just because they are dead. Ever, is a long and painful time. But what if you could get some sort of assurance that you would see them again? Would it change your mindset about death?

Death it’s self looks painful the way that it happens to a person. Now counting the pain that it brings to the people of a dead person, it makes it even worse. So what is the whole point of all this? You get born, just after some time on earth you are dead? Sometimes many babies live on earth for just minutes, so what is the whole point?

The theories about death out there are tremendous: from science, society and religion; but knowing the true meaning of death and what’s behind it is still as confusing as ever.

According to science, you are dead if your brain no-longer functions. After that happens, cell by cell of your body keeps on disappearing till you are no more. That is all there is, nothing else matters, you simply vanish. It doesn’t matter what you have left behind: the people, your accomplishments, nothing. You vanish and that’s it.

So to science, we simply just find ourselves on this planet and in the same way we just find ourselves not here. It is all just because of a bunch of reactions that formed patterns and we happened. In same way we happened, in the same way we will vanish. Actually you won’t ever know you are existed because, well, you would have just vanished to nothingness.

In my earlier article; What is the reason for human existence? I was exploring why humans exist and what scientific death tells us about human existence is that, our lives are pointless, our entire existence is pointless: We just happened to be here, and that’s it. That just can’t be true

There is this claim that every individual who lives on earth is for a purpose or mission, when your mission is over, that is when you are shutdown. The word “shutdown” is actually on purpose, following this claim, when you think about death, it is like someone or something out there, boots us just like computers, when your work is done, you are “shutdown“.

Or we are like candles, someone lights you up and when your work is done or is tired of you, you are blown out. Or we are like chess pieces and some people or some other beings are out there playing? Playing? But with what point anyway?

In Christianity you are considered dead if you are disconnected from God or if you no-longer put your trust in God. So that means physical death in Christianity dose not exist, you just change form; from are physical being to a spiritual being. So if you die disconnected from God, then you would be considered dead but if you die physically but with your trust in God, you just change form.

So from the Christianity point of view, we kind of like on a test, the well behaved and obedient ones will go to a beautiful place of paradise and the bad behaving ones who are also disobedient to God, will go to a terrible place called hell.

Am no expert on Christianity – though am a Christian myself, but the theory of a Superior being out there – in this case God, who is responsible for our existence seems far more believable. He set his rules for us and we are supposed to live by them. It is like we are in this kingdom of His, the only way you can be in His kingdom is to follow the rules.

In this kingdom, there is no such thing as death, you just change form, from physical to spiritual.

Initially when He (God) had just put us on earth, there was no such thing as death, but after sin was committed, death was brought about. In order to overcome death we had to live following His rules till we reach a place set for us called paradise; and overcome earth which is filled with death and chaos which was initially caused by sin.

God’s initial purpose for our creation was for us to live a good life. Lets use this example of a parent that gives birth to a child. If you have your child, you want them to love you the way you love them. You want them to know that you are there in every step of the way in their life; you only want them to know that you want good and not bad for them. That is the same thing that God wants for us, we are like his children and he loves us that much.

The purpose for human existence is to live and live life abundantly and know that God (our father/parent) loves us so much; so much so that not even death can limit our existence.