What to keep in mind when making online payments

It is now a normal thing to carry out different transactions on the Internet throughout the day using either your credit or debit card or any other payment method on the Internet. But before you make any payment online or go ahead on filling out your card information, there things you have to first put in consideration before you go ahead with the transaction. When we talk about online payments we are talking about your real money and not talking precautions on who you are giving your money could turn into huge problems for you.

Mostly the transactions we do on the Internet are done through a specific website or app, that is why you need to be cautious when it comes to websites that require payment or you could end up being scammed. I have put down a few things you always need you need to consider before making any payment.

Legit Site.

If you are making a payment to any website, before doing anything on that website like filling out your personal information, you have to first find out if the site is legitimate. How can you tell that? Well, normally it is just a matter of being cautious, most of these scam website do alot redirects to different websites other than the one you come in the first place, they give huge offers which you can not resist if you are not smart, mo one knows about them. etc.

Talking about tricks scammers use will need a full article about and am soon posting an article how to tell a scam, so make you come back and read about it.

What are you paying for.

You also need to also make sure that you know what you are paying for. Is what you are paying for legal? Can it be available to you in the stated time? All this has to come to your mind because i know you wouldn’t want to get into paying for illegal stuff that might even get you arrested.

Who are you paying

It is really important not to give out any payment an individual, if you just want to send out money to any individual it is best to use money transfer services like paypal that do not expose your financial information but never with your card.

Website Security

Security should be the most important part of any website that deals with any transacting. The first step of seeing a secure site is a website that has an encrypted connection. A site that has an encrypted connection will always have a green lock icon at the left of the address. This means that your information is not or will not be shared with third parties. Remember this not a guarantee but it is a good and important sign.

Money Back Guarantee

Most of website and app that you need to purchase things from normally give you the option to change your mind. It might not even be just changing your mind but it could maybe you purchased something wrong but you are already charged. The website must be able to give your money back if you made the wrong order. So always make sure the website you are planning to purchase something from has this option just in case. And if they do, read about the terms of this service.

No hidden fees

One last thing you need to note when you are going to check out on any site, you have find out that your order does not have any hidden fees that you might not have realized in the first place. Sometimes some of these sites that we carry out orders from put on some other small small amount of money for some extra services.

Normally you might not realize these as at times are put in small fonts and at the time you check out, you realise that the bill has increased. So please check out these because most of the times they might be automatically added to your order but when you don’t even need the service they are charging you for.